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Mike Downes - Root Structure (Addo Records) - CD

Mike Downes - Root Structure (Addo Records)


2018 JUNO Award winner for Jazz Album of the Year: Solo

   Root Structure is the newest album from bassist Mike Downes and his quartet. Featuring four of Canada’s top jazz musicians – Mike Downes (JUNO award winner 2014), Robi Botos (JUNO award winner 2016), Ted Quinlan (JUNO nomination 2003) and Larnell Lewis (Grammy award winner with Snarky Puppy 2017), “Root Structure” explores lyrical compositions with a deep underlying structural integrity.

"5/5 - This album is as close to perfect as it is possible to get and fully warrants its rating here. Buy it!" Alan Musson, UK Vibe



Mike Downes - Ripple Effect (Addo Records) - CD

Mike Downes - Ripple Effect (Addo Records)


2014 JUNO AWARD WINNER for Traditional Jazz Album of the Year!


The music explores original compositions, eastern-European themes, and jazz standards in an intimate and melodic setting.

Robi Botos - piano, Mike Downes - bass, Ethan Ardelli - drums and special guest Ted Quinlan.

 "Ripple Effect is a beautifully layered textural conversation with a trio performing as one harmonic train of thought... The technique and interplay between Downes and pianist Robi Botos is remarkable as their own lyrical visions become intertwined within each piece." Brent Black, Bop-N-Jazz

Mike Downes - The Winds of Change - CD

Mike Downes - The Winds of Change


 Contemporary jazz from three of Canada's top jazz musicians. Intimately and emotionally powerful trio setting featuring original music and jazz standards.

 "One of the best CDs of 2004." JazzFM91

Mike Downes - Then - CD

Mike Downes - Then


Phil Dwyer - tenor saxophone, Dave Restivo - piano, Mike Downes - bass and Ted Warren - drums.

After finishing a week-long engagement at the Montreal Bistro jazz club in 1997, Mike’s quartet embarked on a tour through western Canada. The quartet had already developed a deep musical rapport as evidenced in the 1995 recording Forces. This music was recorded in Winnipeg’s CBC studio in the middle of the tour. The recording captures the brilliance and energy of the quartet in full force.

Mike Downes - Forces - CD

Mike Downes - Forces


Forces is Mike’s first recording as a leader, featuring four of Canada’s stellar jazz musicians. The CD highlights Mike’s compositional and arranging talents as well as the many reasons he has become one of Canada’s most in-demand bassists. Standout tracks include his stunning arrangement of Alone Together, a virtuosic and lovely solo bass version of When I Fall in Love and the quirky and energetic opening track No Me Lo Diga.

“Bassist Mike Downes is one of Canada’s immensely talented young giants. Forces is a welcome addition to the ever-growing catalogue of superb jazz originating from Canada.” The Jazz Report

Mike Downes - The Jazz Bass Line Book -

Mike Downes - The Jazz Bass Line Book

Used around the world, The Jazz Bass Line Book is a comprehensive approach to the construction of improvised bass lines. Intended for beginners and professionals alike, the book deals with playing in "2", creating walking bass lines, 3/4 time, using a "broken feel", modal and slash-chord harmony, ballads and much more. Each chapter is full of fundamental and advanced concepts and ideas, accompanied by transcribed examples from the masters of jazz bass playing.

"I think you've done for Jazz Bass Lines what Mark Levine did for Jazz Theory - written the definitive book! I suspect that more people should know this than probably do at present, but there is such a glut of music instruction books on the market now (very many of which are of average, or worse quality) that it is becoming harder to pick out the gems. This really is the book that any player serious about wanting to understand and play great jazz bass lines should be reaching for."
 Paul K Scott, UK




Jazz and Contemporary Music Theory - Mike Downes & Brad Klump

Jazz and Contemporary Music Theory

Mike Downes & Brad Klump

The official theory text for Humber College! This is a unique book that spans both jazz and contemporary music. Filled with numerous musical examples as well as exercises for the testing and application of the given concepts or techniques, this text explores the subject of music theory from the most basic to advanced concepts. It is intended as comprehensive volume for music students of all backgrounds and abilities. The book contains large “units” that progress logically from music rudiments to the musical elements of harmony, form and often-neglected elements of rhythm and melody.



Latest news

My group with Robi Botos - keyboards, Ted Quinlan - guitars, Larnell Lewis - drums and me on bass is preparing for a new recording to follow up our 2018 JUNO win for Root Structure. Our next show is Nov. 30 at Gallery 345 in Toronto.



Ripple Effect, winner of the Traditional Jazz Album of the Year Juno Award in 2014, is available on itunes and at!

Mike Downes - bass, Robo Botos - piano, Ethan Ardelli - drums and special guest Ted Quinlan - guitar.

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